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John Foltz: listen

On My Way

(John Foltz)
September 11, 2009
John Foltz / Misty Miller
Oddly enough, this is one of the last songs I wrote before taking the aforementioned 3-year self-pity-induced songwriting hiatus. I was playing the music and humming along one day when my ex-wife came home from work. At the time, all I had lyrically was the title. She helped me fill in the blanks. All right, all right… she wrote everything else except for the bridge.
On my way...

Breathing out, breathing in
Looking for a memory, someplace I might have been
But I've let go or given in
To a little piece of history I'm longing to begin

And I'm on my way...

Moving out, moving in
Shouting at the eight-ball, ready to dive in
But I've found it, or it's found me
And gravity's between us, begging to be free

But I'm on my way...

I'm clueless yet I'm keen, as grown up as I'm green
But I'm aware that there is more
Once thought that I was stable
But I don't wear that label as before

Stepping in, stepping out
Stepping over faith, I guess, I'm tripping over doubt
But I want her and she wants me
On the edge of this horizon we are far too close to see

And I'm on my way...